Where wyrd makes the world unknowable, mice rely on tréowð for stability. Tréowð refers to a mouse’s oath, vow, promise, or word, particular in the sense of “word is bond,” or as the old mouse proverb says, “In the end, you only have your tréowð.” Wyrd means that no one can foresee the future, or even predict the consequences of his own actions. Such a chaotic world makes it all the more important for mice to stay true to their word. Ethically, mice consider tréowð—a word sometimes used the same as “honor”—as the chief measure of a mouse’s character and value. A mouse may not have the ability to predict what consequences his actions might yield, but he can keep his word, and see those consequences through to the end.

Mice rely on the reports of others to know about the world. After all, few mice travel very widely, and even they have only fragmentary observations, concerning only those places they happened to visit, and the times they happened to visit them. So the mouse understanding of the world also relies on their ability to trust one another. For this reason, they use the word tréowð additionally to mean “truth,” as in, what someone can trust, or what one can reliably know about the world.

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