Mice have a strong practical streak. Very few mice turn to philosophy, and even those who do tend to prefer the more grounded inquiries of phenomenology. So, mouse religion deals with very practical affairs. Mice have no gods in the truest sense of the word, and no apparent belief in anything supernatural, though they do put great effort into understanding and communicating with wights. That includes a reverence for their ancestors, whom they refer to generally as the Unseen.


The religious aspect of mouse ethics centers on the concepts of frið, wyrd and tréowð.

Wyrd speaks to the ways in which actions in the past shape the future, but also how events in the future can shape the past. Do not mistake wyrd for fate. Rather than believing that their actions have no consequences, the wyrd tells mice that everything they do has consequences; that, if anything, the world proves sensitive to shift on even the slightest action, and because of this, not even the wisest mouse can say with certainty what consequences an action might have. And more difficult still, every creature can effect the world in this way. The concept of wyrd has more than a little in common with chaos theory.

Tréowð presents mice with a way to live in the face of the wyrd. You may not have the wisdom to foresee all of the consequences of your actions, but by remaining true to your word, personal honor becomes a point of certainty in a turbulent sea of unpredictable chaos.

Frið represents the highest ideal of mousekind: the sense of warmth, security, and belonging a mouse feels among his kin. Though politicians may try to use the word cynically to refer to a mousehold’s government, no mouse truly believes that sort of rhetoric.


The festival calendar for the mice focuses on eight festivals, at the equinoxes, solstices, and cross-quarter days.

YuleWinter Solstice
Groundhog’s FeastCross-quarter day
Hare’s FeastVernal Equinox
Bonfire FestivalCross-quarter day
MidsummerSummer Solstice
LammasCross-quarter day
HaverfestAutumnal equinox
Feast of the UnseenCross-quarter day


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